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Here are the top 5 bands that are on current rotation in my car, shower, bedroom, you get the idea…

Check them out. Some are on tour for the next few months!

Blood Orange:

Blood Orange

Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, is a blend of smooth 80’s pop and modern alternative, with Fleetwood Mac slinky guitar riffs alongside sexy electro beats. After hearing “Champagne Coast” off his most recent album, Coastal Grooves, I couldn’t stop listening. It blows my mind how Hynes was able to modernize his 80’s influence into something new and refreshing. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

“Champagne Coast”

Glass Candy:


Glass Candy is an electronic alternative pop duo made up of singer, Ida No, and producer, Johnny Jewel. Their sound is eccentric and really fun to dance to. I haven’t stopped listening to Glass Candy’s newest EP, Warm in the Winter, since seeing them perform live at FYF Fest last year. Johnny Jewel’s pure, solid beats, and Ida No’s calm, quirky vocals leave me wanting more after every song!

“Feeling Without Touching”

James Vincent McMorrow:

James Vincent Mcmorrow

James Vincent McMorrow is an upcoming singer/songwriter from Ireland. James’s hauntingly beautiful vocals give me chills every time I listen to his latest album, Early in the Morning. Check him out on itunes!

“Hear the Noise that moves Soft and Low”



Girls is an indie rock band formed in San Francisco. The two key members are Christopher Owens (lead singer & main writer), and JR White (producer & bass player). Girls released their newest album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost in September and are now on tour! I wasn’t a fan of their newest album at first, but after seeing them live a couple of months ago it totally changed my mind! It was one of the best shows I went to in 2011!! I highly recommend going to see them! Here’s a song off of their old EP, Broken Dreams Club.




Destroyer is an indie pop band from Canada. I love their newest album, Kaputt; which Pitchfork named second best album of 2011! Destroyer has a very unique sound that isn’t easy to master. It took me awhile to get used to their sound; it’s different than anything I’ve listened to. Kaputt has been one of my favorite albums to listen to the past couple of months. Check it out on itunes!


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