Norco and Riverside Hot Dogs and Hessians – Went OFF!

Norco and Riverside Hot Dogs & Hessians were great, DC was in full effect and showed the locals lots of love by bringing out their team riders for a signing along with candy to fill some belly's. We had best trick contests with some serious hammers going down and there were plenty of hot dogs and drinks as usual, we keep you hydrated! Red Bull brought their huge sound system tank of an SUV out to blow out Riverside park with some serious rock and roll, I’m talkin’ Sabbath style, no joke. Listen is always supporting their events and we love them. Danny Montoya, Rob G, Donnie Mitchell & Vern Laird are always representing and we can’t say thanks enough!

Thanks to everyone who came out to either of these stops. Red Bull is always coming out and making sure everyone has their wings and we thank them along with DC, Listen, KR3W, Supra, Baker & Steve Clare.