Nike SB Omar Salazar Shoe

Nike SB is giving Omar Salazar a pro shoe! Check out this sneak peak video. The shoe incorporates Nike’s popular flywire technology along with some nice “hidden” features. It will be released in March 2010. Be sure to check out our Nike SB page for all the latest Nike SB styles!

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You can’t hate on the shoes because they look like half cabs

just about every mid shoe resembles a halfcab and its not just nike sb either

dc ryan smith = half cab

emerica jerry hsu = half cab

es justin eldridge =half cab

also if you were nike sb flow you wouldnt be talking all this junk about the shoes

plus the team is stacked

shut up. this shoe is sicky sick gnar insnae. boo yah. poo poo turd nugget. sticky fish sticky bots in panties joe. hamburger butt meat cheesey utopian goodness.yo hug yay hotts hoe shovel hose. running up farts and free willy. grrrrr.

Dope as eff man.
I digg.
It looks like an amalgamation of the Nike Dunk, Nike Harbor, and Vans Half Cab.

I’m only afraid that they’re going to over saturate the Nike SB shoe market.

Honestly, it’s only a matter of time before Eric Koston gets his own Nike SB Model Shoe.

Oh yeah, Omar’s part in Nike SB’s NBTT video is so dope.
Especially that Hippie Jump Ollie trick he did at the end of his part 😀

At least they are trying some new things out here. I am sick of seeing the same shoes from every brand. Also, Omar is DOPE so you gotta show some respect!

i am non-stop impressed with nike’s abilities to make the ugliest shoes possible. they should team up with gravis. and just go for it.