Newsletter, June 5th 2007

Greetings from Active Mailorder! Here at Active we understand what Summer means to a skateboarder. It means free time to do what we love most… SKATE! That is why for the month of June we are giving out different deals on skate product each week, to keep you skating this summer, not working! This week we are offering 15% OFF ALL SKATE SHOES see below for details. We also have another section called Summer 2007, this has everything you need for that summer vacation, beach day, or just keeping cool. We also are presenting a project called Drop Sneakers Not Bombs, sneaker heads be sure to check it. And finally, in case you haven’t heard, Active has proudly welcomed Paul Rodriguez to our team. We look forward to doing some amazing things with him! So don’t forget, 15% off all shoes this week, and keep your eyes on your inbox for more deals in next weeks newsletter!

But Scott there is hardly any selection going on there. Not to say any of the other skateboard mailorders have any shorts either. Guess I got to cut the demins this year.

plenty of folks skate in shorts, but besides that fact, it’s nice not to sweat your balls off in the summer in southern california when you’re just chilling. So again I ask, where are the skate shorts?