New Fontana Skatepark Grand Opening

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The new Fontana skate park is the shining light of the So Cal scene right now. The park is amazing and yes you have to wear a helmet, but at least you know the cops aren’t going to corner you and make you feel like a dirt bag when you least expect it. The Action Park Alliance holds down the managing of the park and they have fought hard though out the nation to cut back the full gear pad idea that most cities and insurance companies think is standard practice. Full gear sucks! I can deal with a helmet. Any way, Active was in the house for the opening and we provided a $500 best trick contest, along with a signing with Billy Marks and Johnny Layton. The boys got down a skate gnarly too! The best trick contest was host to all the local heroes. Greg Greene came up with first place by nailing a kickflip backside 5-0 on the kinked ledge to win the big money. Homie didn’t even touch the tail down… that’s balance and a half. Second was Birdhouse rider, local legend “Ghost”, with a frontside 270 lip down the rail. Third place was Dolan with a massive kickflip from way up high. Big shouts to all the boys who got down. It was truly an A caliber contest!! Thanks to all the people who got behind this park! Amazing!! Go skate it Oct 29th 7pm, cuz the Hessians Tour will be dropping by to blow doors of this mutha!!