New Fontana Park Grand Opening!!

New Fontana Skate Park

Come join us at the new Fontana skate park at 15556 Summit Avenue, Fontana CA. 92336. We’ll be hosting a best trick contest! Oh yeah, bring some pads too!

New Fontana Skate Park

sick i have been waiting for a park that allows bikes, hahah why are skaters hateing its a hobbie we should all get along

finally a park that allows bikes. i just hope they arnt all going to be little kids on bikes in the way and everythig will be cool. sickkk!!

Bikes shouldn’t be allowed at the skatepark ever, period. They ruin the coping with their pegs. Stick to the Bike tracks or get together & build yourselves a Bike park. That goes for razor scooters DOUBLE up, huh, huh.

BMX is so gay. Fontana isn’t that far. Might go, might not. I really don’t want bikers around. They get in your way. Plus, it’s gay.