“My Friends Are Awesome” Photo Show

A photo show by:

Kevin Barnett, Ryan Spencer, Bucky Gonzalez, & Leo Romero.

w/ music by Travesura & Grant & Carl

@ The Green House in Long Beach, CA

My Friends Are Awesome

This wall is Kevin Barnett

Kevin Barnett’s photos

Kevin Banett's photos

Bucky & Katie gazing on front of Kevin Barnett's photos

Bucky & Katie


Hey Bucky!

Bucky Gonzalez

Bucky’s wall

Bucky's photo of when Ed hurt his leg

Bucky’s photo of Ed when he got hurt.

This wall is Bucky

Gonzalez with a Z.

Bucky & Katie


Katie photo by Bucky

I heard someone walk by and thought it was Spanky.

Leo Romero's photos

Leo’s wall…

Jeff Henderson looking on Leo's Photos

Jeff enjoying Leo’s photos.

Jeremy & Don

Jeremy, Leo, Kevin, & Don

There’s Leo!

Sandwich Hug


Josh & Miranda

Hi Josh! Hi Miranda!

Ryan Spencer

3 walls w/ Ryan Spencer!

Ryan Spencer's Photos

Ryan Spencer's photos

Tristan, Jaims, & Josh

What’s up Tristan, Jaims, & Josh!

Aidan Cambell & Dakota Servold

Aidan Cambell & Dakota Servold


Hey Tyler!

Dakota & Leabres

Where’s the bathroom? over there… oh thanks

My Friends Are Awesome


Travesura raising the roof

Travesura in the house

This one's for Heath Kirchart!

These girls would rather do homework. This one’s for Heath!

Selfie's w/ Heath Kirchart

Selfie time with Heath


Can’t handle the Leo

Dakota, Sam Mueller, Leabres, & Don

Dakota, Sam Mueller, Leabres, & Don raging

Crowded Corner

the corner, probably what you saw when you drove by.

Carl & Grant

Carl & Grant brought the good vibes in.

All fun with Dakota & Leo

Crowded house

Dakota Servold & Daniel Lutheran

Active Pro’s Dakota & Dan-Lu

Travesura gets the ladies goin'!

after a few more waters, these school girls went upstairs and let loose.

Jaims & Arvin raging


Turned into a dance hall


Dan-Lu is lovin’ it.

Not done with the report

This girl, not so much.

End of show

End of set

Josh & Grant

Mind blowing night.

After Party & Bucky's

ended with an after party at Bucky’s house.