More photos from Tampa Pro…

Whoa! Looks like I skipped some photos from the weekend… I’m not fried I swear! It might be the weather. I’m pretty sure these were from that Saturday morning. But enjoy these pictures. :)


parking was easy
parking was easy
Anthony Schultz ya'll
Anthony Schultz ya’ll
my buddy David Serrano documenting for Street League
my buddy David Serrano documenting for Street League
legend Danny Renaud
the judges panel
schultz switch backsmith
I was lurking on Van Styles’ camera settings…
Firdaus Rahman from Singapore came straight to ripping. Tre flip transfer over
Josh Harmony’s run was stylish as ever
David & Daniel!
Colden Back 3
Colden crook pop over
Italo Romano came in hot
Anthony Schultz bluntslide
Ishod Wair front 360
Ishod gap front blunt
Colden Back tail
Trevor Colden & a flawless back noseblunt
Italo Romano frontside flip!!!
Fabrizio Santos & that one footer crook!
Sign my back!
you too Schultz!

Thanks for lurkin’