Mini Ramp Session & Nike BBQ

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I showed a sneak peak the other day of the new mini ramp being built. Now it’s officially done and being shredded even as I type. Props to all the employees here at the office and warehouse pooled their money together and got this thing built.

The kind folks from Nike came down for a visit and just so happened to bring tons of hot dogs, burgers, condiments, and a BBQ. After stuffing their faces with delicious meats, everyone treated themselves to a tasty ramp session dessert.

Thanks to Nike for hooking up a great BBQ, and Kevin Hulem for filming and editing this quick clip.

(the video used to have a really cool VanHalen song but YouTube removed it for copyright violation)

hay whats up ramp is sick i hope i could come down soon to skate it only like a 10 min ride form the were house

Sorry, I know this filming isn’t great and neither is the skating but I don’t have a fisheye lens and don’t pretend to be a filmer. I just happened to have my camera here that day & wanted to give a little insight into what goes on around here. Should have some better mini ramp footage next week, everyone is getting used to the ramp and hammers are getting dropped daily!