Mike Vallely – MTV Personality?

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Yes, the rumors are true, Active friend and skateboarder Mike Vallely is now the newest addition to the crew of skateboarders who have gotten their own Mtv show. Aside from Mike V having his own FUELtv show, Drive, he has many other things going on that makes him one of the busiest and hardworking men in the business. Mike juggles his professional skateboarding carreer, rock star gig in the band Revolution Mother, FUELtv show Drive, and Mike never ceases to be a dare-devil madman. Lastly, Mike V’s job that is always prevalent, being a father and husband. The show will encompass all of the chapters of Mike’s crazy life and give you a glimpse of what Mike V is all about. Mike V invited me and Chris Haslam down to the second taping of the show and I was blown away at how huge and produced the show is going to be. It’s quite amazing. I’m not going to spoil anything, but check out the photos and we will have more updates soon!

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