Mike Vallely Demo Video

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It wouldn't do any justice to Mike Vallely or his millions of fans if we stuck him behind a table w/ a marker to sign for hours! Although Mike is without a doubt the most accessible skateboarder in the world and would sign a million posters, we had to crank it up a bit and have him involved in a demo. Taking it a step further, we threw in the public to skate with him and hopefully draw some blood out of the situation! And draw blood they did!

The stage was set at two lovely parks in Corona. Set around mountains, dairy farms, Huber and Harada skateparks were packed w/ fun loving skateboarders! The young guns got creative, as Mike V. highlighted different obstacles for them to perform maneuvers on. As we moved through each obstacle at the Huber Park it was becoming clear who a major stand out was. Nick Chism! He got a huge box of Active and Element gear. As did Anthony Pshebelski after shredding the Harada park to bits!

Honorable mention goes to the gnarlies Melvin, Dakota, Patrick, Tristan, spiked helmet kid, and Adrian! There were way more, but I didn't get their names! Thanks to Mike Vallely for making it happen, and Element team manager Ryan DeWitt for coming correct w/ a ton of Element gear, and for rockin' Dead shirts once in a while!! See you at the next one!!

Mike V is the what a pro skater should be-everyone has different styles and Mike showed us how to rip- He will treat you like a friend without knowing you and out of every pro Ive had to work with- I look up to mike for being REAL.

Hey Brandon & Connor, you should show some respect for Mike V and others like him. If it wasn’t for Mike, skateboarding wouldn’t be where it is at today! Like if you see Jamie Thomas 5 years from now and he does a 50-50 on a rail, sure it will be a basic trick to you by then but you need to remember that it was Jamie that progressed handrail skating for the rest of us to follow. Mike V did the same for street skating in general and he deserves your respect for as long as he’s on a board and even after that. Bottom line is, Mike V helped pave the way for street skating & if it wasn’t for him and other like him you’d all be skating vert ramps right now.

Mike V skate so gay ride grab the board land **** like that i can’t believe people think thats still amazing, come on doing bonelesses all over the place and spinning the boaard with his feet then jump on, come on i got over this guy 2 yrs ago. me and my friends can do that mike v **** when we’re just messin around or makin fun of mike v