Mike Mo, Olson, & Malto Are Now Pro!

Mo Malto Olson

Congratulations to Active friends Mike Mo Capaldi, Alex Olson, and Sean Malto on now being official Girl Skateboards Professionals. Keep an eye out for their pro boards which which will be hitting skate counters in July.

in school bored as **** and i want mike mos new lakais so bad the ******* are ******* sexy i need new shoes any way cause i just ripped mine the other day i trefliped a nine set and john carrol high school

Yes i love Mike Mo. I think that he is so good at sketeboarding. YES!!! FINALLY!!! I’m getting his Skateboard!!!

Way to go guys.keep up the goodwork and skate..mike mo, alex olson, and sea malto…be on a lookout for their new boards..u guys stepped ur game up!

hey active any news about drop sneakers not bombs? And what companies are in it this year and is it still planned for fall?