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i honestly think he shouldnt of left lakai…..beacuse there a really good shoe …..but its up to him. who really gives a **** were he goes to for shoes i mean hes still mike mo the sickst skater ever!!ive heard hes going to DC :( but dc needs to slow down and stop taking all theBEST skaters!! mike mo is throwing many thinggs away mainly the best skate video ever….fully flaired. but soon lakai is gonna lose everyone they allready lst koston now mike mo thats a bad sign they need to step up there game. i hear mike mo left because thy were no longer making videos wich i doubt is true

HUF would be effing rad. Or DVS or Etnies. **** DC, **** Nike, **** Adidas. Keep skateboarding in the hands of skateboarding. DC’s just taking over to get more money, I seriously doubt that they really give a rats ass. I personally think he would fit well on one of those three companies. I will not, however, make the assertion that he SHOULD go to any company. This is his sponsor, not ours. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

It would be sick to see him on SUPRA. But still his home is Lakai and I feel like he should never leave that company.

There’s 10 guys out there that want to see an 8=D logo slapped on their tongues… sounds about right!

That would be sick if he went to a company that wasn’t DC or Nike. Like if Mo went to HUF or Emerica or something that’d be so sick.

why the hell would he go to eS?!?! i know no one voted for it, but why is it even a choice? eS is ******* closing!!!