Mike Frankiln Needs All of us!!

 Active rider, my good friend and champion of skateboarding need our prayers and support. He’s currently in ICU in stable, yet critical condition after being involved an accident on his motorcycle in Santa Clarita. His surgeries have been succesful and now we await for him to be brought out of his drug -induced coma. My prayers, hopes, love, resources and brotherhood go out to him in need.

 I’m meeting with a bunch of his friends, families and other Team Managers tonight to rally the troops for some fund raising actions to help cover Mike’s medical expenses. We’ll be at the Santa Clarita skatepark tonight at 7:30pm. All are welcome to show their love and support.

 Over the years Mike or “Owen” what some affectionately call him, has been an amazing advocate for Active and Skateboarding. He’s skated more demos, helped judged, traveled across country for us and has an Active Icon tattooed of his wrist! Working at our Valencia store and making sure the right kids in the area were getting stoked on life! Winning XGames Gold for Active!! He’s the guy you want as your champion, so passionate and ready to back his friends in time of need.

 One of the best times of my life was an Active Hot Dogs and Hessians Skate park tour in Vegas. Wearing rocker outfits on the strip, me wearing my lucha mask everywhere and getting kicked out of the casinos, making scenes. Mike skating in 120 heat like the hero he is and the two of us dancing with all the cougars at the clubs. Ah man, great times!! I love you Mike!! Here’s a quick vid from our Vegas trip. Yeah, that’s Mike holding the Hessians sign, hanging halfway out of our van on the strip!!

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Active Wins XGames Gold!!
Active Wins XGames Gold!!

Owen is the man! Always having a good time no matter what, always ripping no matter what he skated. I remember that vegas trip, it definately wouldn’t have been the same without him. I hope he gets better real real soon