Mexican Blanket Unleashed!

 Kicking off this years Summer Skate Park tour with stops at the Jurupa and San Dimas skateparks. The Mexican Blanket helped fire up the session, with it’s magical powers and the Luchadors made sure all of the Blankets wishes were carried out. Gomez grabbed the box at Jurupa on Saturday with a Pop Shuv Fingerflip over the pyramid  and Mark walked home with the good ol box up there in San Dimas by rolling away from a Cannonball grab  50-50 on the flat/down pyramid rail. Gnarly boys!!

 Next up will be the ol Laguna Pink Park and Rancho’s very own gem Spruce it up! See you then and don’t miss out!! Big thanks to Luch Luke and the Rosemead posse for being radical!! Ofcourse lots of shouts for our sponsors Comune, Royal, Red Bull, and Sabre Vision!!

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