Matt Ball – 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Matt Ball In All His Glory

10 Things You Didn't Know About Matt Ball

1. Matt lives in Ontario, Ca. Why? So he can skate the Chino Skatepark every day.

2. Matt rides a motorcycle and was on his way to get it out of motorcycle jail when he stopped in. Not only do COPS bust skaters, they bust bikers too. Cops Rule!!!!

3. Matt skates for Ambiguous.. Don't all the cool Vegas skaters skate for Ambiguous? (Not counting our boy Kenny Anderson!)

4. Matt lives with Sean Eaton and his buddy Jeremy who are both as cool as Matt, if not cooler!

5. Matt used to live in Florida before he lived in Vegas. Bet you didn't know that one, did ya!

6. Matt is a pretty darn good pool player, he's from Vegas, what do you expect.

7. Matt's motorcycle is as loud as a plane landing on your head. He, Sean Eaton and Jeremy all ride out to Vegas on a regular basis on their hogs.

8. Prior to living in Ontario, Matt lived in downtown Long Beach with Sean Eaton, Seamus Deegan (old Birdhouse Team Manager), and Anthony Shetler (old Birdhouse Team Rider)

9. Matt loves Johnny Cash.

10. Matt is a really nice guy, so when you see him say, “HELLO!”

yo man i think you’r an okay guy becouse you sound kinda cool but i tihnk it will hurt alot if you do too many kick flips onto grinding on a rail. CRAZY TRICK!!!