Matix Lord of the Lines Contest Results

Matix’s Lord of the Lines contest went down on January 26th and it was pretty intense. There were 3 heats of 4 skaters that got to skate a 3 part obstacle and show what lines that had in their bag o’ tricks. Billy Marks represented for Active and did well, but not well enough. A couple other guys who skated, but didn’t quite make the cut, included Tim O Connor, Nate Sherwood, and James Craig.

The top 3 skaters who competed in the money making final showdown were: Joey Brezinski, Dennis Busenitz (2006 Bling Fest Winner) and Ronnie Creager.

The top 3 skated hard and it was a great show of talent but Ronnie Creager came out victorious and took home a check for 10 thousand dollars! Joey Brezinski came up with 3 grand for second place and Dennis Busenitz went home with 1 thousand dollars. Check out some photos from the event and if you want to see more results click on