Markisa Wallets Now In Stock!

Markisa is a new brand created by Paul Rodriguez, Nigel Alexander and Jason Wakuzawa.  Markisa’s products are all about style and function.  As a brand they “support artists, djs, musicians, skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, bmx & motocross riders, photographers, videographers & anyone that has a strong passion for what they love to do”.

The only accessory that you have with you every single day of your life is your wallet. Markisa’s wallets are built with the highest grade materials, and more importantly THEY ARE COMFORTABLE. Some wallets feel like you’re sitting on a brick because they are so small and fat.  Markisa’s designs are more wide, and slim, so that you don’t feel awkward while sitting down. Pick up one fast because some of the designs are limited. There are only 500 pieces made of each P Rod colorway!