Marc Johnson Answers!

We caught up with Marc last week to answer your questions… Thanks to everyone that took the time to ask! And don’t forget, Marc’s favorite question also wins some cool Matix gear!

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MJ is nothing but butters,
Active has the most legit team,
but everyone that works there is so full of themselves,
how cool, they work at a skateshop, not a big accomplishment…
they should teach them manners before I slap them with a United Boardshop coupon and my wallet…

actually… the question about Marc having a better Fully Flared part if he was black was the winning question(5:00)… by Tomo…
sorry dude…

not cool siam, not cool at all. one of my questions finally gets answered by your pros and you don’t give away the stuff

y did jall put up my quegin. it was raw. my question was “marc if you could go to any planet on the earth witch juan wood it be?” i mean come on that was a legit question. come on mangs. get wit it sick tres mang. im not sippin on haterade or anyting butt buffy the vampire slayer is gonna be in the new twilight movie so lesgo

siam… ill save u some work of figuring out who had the best question. just give me the stuff. but seriously tell us who won

Winner will be announced next week when Siam gets back in the office… sorry dudes.