Mantana part 3. Good and bad photos.

Here are some more photos from my trip with the People crew. I hope these pictures make you feel like you were out there with us. It can be the best of times, and the absolute worst. You may just have to go experience it yourself.

The Forum crew came out also. Jake Welch hanging with us in the morning.

Here’s Jake coming to check out our spot.

Josh Mills shooting off some rounds with a Glock 17.

These slednecks near drove up the landing to our jump, which would have wasted the 2 hours we spent shoveling the thing. These guys we rookies, both rolling their machines.

Speaking of rookies, Eiki Helgason was borrowing Pierre Minhondo’s sled and smashed it into a tree. It snapped the steering rods, broke the shock mount, bent the trailing arm, etc.

I got a 20″ pizza from the bar/restaurant. Half this was the next day’s lunch.

Some bars have a coat rack, this place has a ladies’ underwear rack.

True story.

Mike Yoshida, Justin Eeles, and Robbie Walker checking out the newest gear on the Active website, or Facebook, or or something.

Josh Mills drove this thing out of the backcountry. It was a very difficult mission because the ski was barely attached, couldn’t steer, and was really sketchy. Josh actually crashed pretty bad and blew his knee out. He was just trying to help out too. At least he got some great shots so far this season.

2010 miles of road. Lots of great scenery, good music, cigarettes, sunflower seeds, gas station coffee, text messages, and sore back.

Action photos coming real soon.