Maloof Money Cup DC Day 2: Reynolds Wins!

The second day of the Maloof Money Cup was a grip of fun. I spent a little more time in between the contest heats shooting photos of the crowd and hangin out at the Active booth. Kids were so pumped on the whole event, not to mention the Free Active tattoos, stickers & tees, I saw so many Active tees in the crowd that day!

As for the contest goes… the day consisted of a “Masters Jam”, the AM contest and of course the PRO finals. The Masters kicked off the day where I witnessed a rare board slide down the gold rail by Lance Mountain & Ron Allen. Next up was the Am contest where Ishod Wair took first place skating just as good as any pro (check the Thrasher video here) and Greg Berger topped off the AM Jam with a monster Front Blunt Big Flip out down the gold rail for best trick… insane!

After that, Doug E Fresh hyped up the crowd, beat boxin’ and showin’ everyone how to do the original Dougie… then it was onto the finals! The finals were packed with everything from broken boards to Collin Provosts’ dislocated shoulder. In the end Andrew Reynolds took the trophy & $160k! He was on point the entire day & pulled everything in the finals, seeling the deal with a kickflip lip slide down the gold rail. Hats off to Ronnie Creager who made it all the way from wildcard to the finals, he ripped the contest all the way through but just couldn’t hold on till the end. Bastien came in 3rd & Manny Santiago got 4th. Below are some photo’s of the day & what went down. Thrasher has a good video of the finals here.

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1. Andrew Reynolds
2. Ronnie Creager
3. Bastien Salabanzi
4. Manny Santiago
5. Jack Curtin
6. Greg Lutzka
7. Bobby Worrest
8. Tom Asta
9. Figgy
10. Vincent Alvarez
11. Ryan Decenzo
12. Collin Provost

Check out more photos from Day 1 here!

WOOOOT!!!! I love Reynolds with his shirt off! So cute! Watch Stay Gold with some Bruno Mars playing in the background! that makes for a great night! touching myself!!!! Get it girl! Get it get it Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!