Look Who’s Talking – Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill

Active Super AM Torey Pudwill answers the questions you want to know.

  • Active: Who do you usually skate with?
  • TP: Lamare Hemmings, Justin Schulte, Eli Reed, Jereme Rogers, Scuba. The Valley crew!
  • Active: What's that one trick that you can't seem to do consistently?
  • TP: 360 flips.
  • Active: What music have you been listening to lately?
  • TP: Eddie Rap Life. Check it out!
  • Active: What are your daily rituals before skating?
  • TP: A good chilling session
  • Active: Who was the first skateboarder you saw in person that blew your mind?
  • TP: Daewon Song
  • Active: What is your daily skate spot?
  • TP: Skatelab
  • Active: What is your city to skate?
  • TP: The Valley
  • Active: How many years have you been skating?
  • TP: 9 years
  • Active: What do you like doing besides skateboarding?
  • TP: Getting into something crazy…usually with Lamare, Schulte, Mackey and Apgar.
  • Active: In your opinion, who is killing it right now?
  • TP: Brandon Westgate!!!