Look Forward Promo

Active Army riders from Chino and Chino Hills has been skating and filming together for a minute now. They have decided to put a video together that is set to be finish in Summer of this year. With Ryan Neddeau behind a camera and editing bay also additional filming by Marcus Sims, we present to you Look Forward.

Along with other homies from the Chino and Chino Hills area, Active riders, to name a few: Josh Reyes, Lheighton Cook, Jacob Tanzer, Cameron McNichols, Erick Meyers, Mark Beaty, Garrett Salazar will have full parts in this video.

Check out this promotional video they have put together.

By the way if you’re ever in Chino at the infamous Ayala Skate Park, you might catch these guys getting their tricks lock down or playing good ol’ SKATE.

Be sure to say what’s up and slap some hands.

Also, you we’ll have a premiere at Active when this video drops! So be on the look out for that.

Can’t wait for this video! Gonna be soooo sik! If there’s a premiere like u said, I’ll definitely be there!