True, lizard doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. In a recent interview with thrasher he talked about each time he’s in the air bout to land a trick he says” this is for you Satan” and that, personally, doesn’t make you any cooler!

i do not like tha whole satanic thang, but lizard is seriously my favorite skater. I absolutely do not back santanism buut i love lizard as a skater.

lizard has steezy style!! go on the berrics trickipedia and check out his kickflips. then tell me he has crappy style.

This guys style stinks! He drags his hands on the ground or slides around 180 trying to roll away on 9 out of every 10 tricks. Maybe he should make a deal with the devil & get some steez.

yeah he might be into satan, and that **** suks, but the dude still rips it hard do be hatin him

Stop hatin, Lizard rips. If you can take the idea of “God” or “Satan” serious enough to hate on someone, you have some problems.