Layton and Marks – In The House!

johnny 2


Yesterday, October 9th, Johnny Layton and Billy Marks came and visited Active to say hello and have a little impromptu post birthday lunch. Both of their birthdays were last week so if you see them, punch Billy 25 times and Johnny 22 times.

**The same day Billy and Johnny came down to Active Billy got his iPhone and Sidekick stolen. If anyone has info on who stole Billy’s phone and how to get it back, Billy will hook you up with a nice package full of stuff you want. Email [email protected] if you know where Billy’s phone is**

Billy and Johnny told us of their recent and past travels and about their upcoming plans. Toy Machine, including both Billy and Johnny, will be competing in Vans Downtown Showdown this weekend in Los Angeles. If you can make it out to LA you should cheer on the Toy Machine team!

Billy is getting ready to film his “Welcome Home” session for our website and Johnny has been super busy and just got back from Spain on a Vans trip. If you haven’t already seen it, check out the new SkateboardMag Issue 44. Johnny and the Vans crew is featured on their Texas and Puerto Rico trips.

Don’t forget about the new Fallen video that will be coming out next March either, Billy has been filming and we are sure his part will be insane!

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“Check Out Billy’s & Johnny’s new decks from Toy Machine!” Sales Guy