Last Chance to Win Scuba Steve’s Camera

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That’s right, after nearly 3 months and somewhere around 800 entries, today is the final day to enter into the “Win Scuba Steve’s Camera Contest.” There have been some awesome entries so far, and in the last few days we’ve recieved a ton more. We have our work cut out for us in the next few days to narrow the pack down for Scuba to sift through. If you haven’t enterd yet, get out there and film something in a hurry, if you have, sit back relax and watch some of the other entries. Stay tuned to Active News for updates, the winner will be announced soon!

What are your favorites so far?

In case you forgot, here is where to enter the contest: Win Scuba Steve’s Camera Contest.

hye i posted my videeoo months ago and only came bac on today im astounded at the amouont of people the sent in videos… awell good luck eh.

Hello everyone,

We are doing our best to get results by the end of next week. We have almost 1500 videos to comb through!! There are a ton of good entries. Also Scuba is a busy man so we’ll get him down here a.s.a.p. Thanks for being patient. Now go get your shred on!

when is the results gonna come out?
and i was just wondering if you could also give me some feedback on my entry?
thank you


“The back tail is kinda like a pizza, when your makin it feel free to add your own toppings.”

Glad I could help if you werent joking.

Danze…I dont think he was calling you out when he said you were “suspect”. When you were replying to my earlier message you said you hadnt made it…and that nobody was pro..i think he was saying you were suspect for saying that stuff.

Angry Skateboarder – Please know that I filmed 100% of the clips in my entry. now i sound lame but i have to defend my entry. Check the krooked/get familiar credits for my name. how would i be able to take clips from videos and still have the skate audio?

maybe the site can host or post links to better quality downloadable versions of top three or 5, after they have been selected.

Danze’s montage is sick . like 3 clips are in richmond VA where i live and they are sick. hope you win man

I think when the winner is picked, there should be the other videos that were runners up.

Damn, I need to lurk some of these other pages then, I love finding edits that are well filmed.

Dudes! I watched both videos not to mention the other 900 some odd videos that have been posted and mailed in. Bret’s is really good as well as Danze. But Danze is suspect…..There are quite a few clips of random ripper’s that I have seen in many random videos. The Bobby Worrest line in the Krooked video???? Let’s just say this there are at least another 150 videos that can compete.

Well if thats the case maan, then you got this in the bag, your edit other than your volume level of your song(which doesnt matter) was by far superior to any of the edits on here…congrats.

ha, well really I haven’t “made it” at all, just these guys happen to live where I do so we skate all the time…but no one in my clip is actually pro. I will say that its all filmed with vx2100, so while its controversial if someone with a nice equipment already should win…I don’t have a vx1

Correction…it “wouldnt” make sense that he would send his camera out to a filmer that has already made it in the industry.

I’m goin out on a limb here and sayin 854’s got it in the BAAAAAAAAG. Definetely the best filming ive seen so far, his line work is amazing. Good job bud. Not to mention the song really pulled it together. Little secret here kids- find a great song before you even get close to editing. It REALLY helps. I guess it didnt hurt that all his skaters had straight PJ Ladd style. Best overall I’ve seen. Remember, it’s overrall impression here, whoever’s video makes you want to watch it over and over will do the best. Pretty much has NOTHIN to do with the riders. For that dude down there.

Maybe you should do a little more research. No matter what dvx lens you buy your gonna 1. pay more for the lens. and 2. its not gonna be nearly as wide. Vx1000’s are the number one skate camera period.