Lakai Signings & Premieres – Done!

Koston and Mariano

Lakai was kind enough to come together and bring out some of the best skateboarders in the business for Active Valencia and Active Burbank's Lakai 'Fully Flared' Video Premieres and Signings. Mike Mo Capaldi, Mike Carroll, Alex Olson, Eric Koston, and Guy Mariano all signed every last autograph at both stops. The Lakai Team are a class act. Active Valencia as well as Active Burbank both had huge turn outs of people who wanted to get their copy of Fully Flared and other skate goods signed.

Fully Flared has been given rave reviews by every skater on the block. If you haven't checked it out already you should do one or more of the following three options:
1. Put it on your Christmas list
2. Buy it immediately
3. Borrow it from a friend, then go buy your own copy

Thanks to Kelly Bird and the Lakai Team for coming out and spending their Thursday with Active and Lakai fans of So Cal. Lakai or Die.


All photos: Erica Yary

That part when the rail exploded was crazy.I like mike carrel so much that I stayed waiting in line til active closed. That’s a true fan son.

this skatevideo is of the hook its so unbelievable. Then i watch it the first time i could belive those tricks posibol.
but guys if u havent se Lakai Fully Flared its time to se it its the best.