Laguna Hot Dogs!

Laguna Skatepark is genius. Some call it the Red park; I call it Pink. Red is a deep color; pink is a much lighter hue. From now on, when you’re talking about Laguna Skatepark make sure you say, “…yeah it’s the Pink one!” That way we’re all on the same page. Aside from getting that out of the way I wanted to let everyone who lives around Laguna know how badly you blew it by not showing up to this Hot Dogs & Hessians! The Vans van was there, the KR3W RV was there and there were appearances from Ezekiel, Vans & Listen Team riders, among more! Just know that when you miss out on Hot Dogs & Hessians, you miss out on LIFE. So click on this link and make sure you mark your calendar and buy yourself a bus pass to make it to the next stop, or you’ll be sorry!