LA Park Shark Update

After two weeks of LA Park shark qualifiers, here are the top rippers from each park:

Garvanza- Ivan, Alex, and Damian.

Glendale- Canceled due to unforseen circumstances! Bummer!

Cerritos- Johnathan, Chris, and Justin.

West Covina- Victor Castillo(AKA, V for Victory!), Kevin, and Tanner. Peep the clip below provided by Doughnut. Thanks man, this stuf is hilarious!!

┬áThese cats will be representing their park in an all out LA Park Team Finale on Oct 24 12pm at the Garvanza Park in Highland Park. We’ll see you at the East Los Belvedere and Long Beach Houghton skate parks this weekend and Pomona Palomares skate park the following one. The Jarritos girls will be on hand serving up some proper drinks for all. Don’t miss the Action Jackson!!

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