Kyle Sellers Interview

Active and Mo Bueno homie Imran Syed did an interview with Active rider Kyle Sellers who hails from Riverside and keeps it real out there. Check out the interview and his Mo Bueno video part to get to know Kyle a little bit better.

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Interviewer:  Imran Syed
Interviewee:  Kyle Sellers

Q:  A lot of skaters from the IE gravitate towards LA or Long Beach to be closer to the industry but you have stayed in Riverside and remained sponsored, why have you stayed out here? And how is the skate scene in Riverside?

A:  Family & friends, plus skating could also be big in Riverside. Why not make the pro’s come out here to show riverside love? I feel skating wouldn’t be as big in Riverside if a couple of us didn’t stick around, these kids need motivation too.  Plus we got mad spots out here, we just take them for granted.

Q:  What are your sponsors?

A:  Active, Nick Pappas hooks me up with Fallens and Slave wood.  Also my buddy new hat company called Brim. “MO Bueno”.

Q:  You’re constantly out skating and filming, what keeps you motivated to progress your skating?

A:  Heart……..I love it man, there’s no better feeling than being on my board, and if you can capture a good trick on film it’s such an accomplishment to me, I can sleep at night, hah.

Kyle Backtail

Q:  Respect, or fame?

A: Respect

Q:  What do you think about how important image has gotten in skateboarding?

A:  I think image has a big part, but I can’t hate cuz that’s what sells.

Q:  What skaters did you look up to growing up? And what about now?

A:  I looked up to Tom Penny, Muska, Thomas, Kareem and Koston.  O.G.’s, plus many more.  Now, I look up to anyone that skates for the love of skating.

Q:  Are you going to have a part in the next Fallen video?

A:  I wish. I know if I had the chance I would work hard to make a satisfying part.

Q:  You have been known to grind triple kink rails, as well as having kickflip backtail big spins on lock, do you have a favorite terrain to skate?

A:  No, I just like to skate everything. If you take me to any spot I’m gonna have fun and I’ll make something happen out of it.

Q:  How did the No Bueno/Mo Bueno movements you helped create get so big, and will there be another video?

A:  It gave me and the homies something to work for so we can show a little bit of our talent.  So when we get up with the big boys we can get nasty.

Kyle Sellers

Q:  What’s the perfect meal after a perfect skate session?

A:  Mamas tacos

Q:  Three artists always in your iPod?

A:  Marley, Nas, Weezy

Q:  Who do you skate with?

A:  I mostly skate with the NBK crew and my buddy Mike.

Q:  Who would you like to thank?

A:  I would like to thank Shane Wallace for everything, especially for giving me this interview.  Nick Pappas for always keeping me alive with the product.  Mike Campos for filming me, E-man for hookin’ up the questions and being NBK.  NBK for keeping the movement going.  And most of all my parents for always supporting me and having faith.

Thank You – One Love.

See this is what we need more guys out of the IE…
Thanks for representin our city we need some exposure out here…I hope I can learn to do a bad ass kick flip like you man….

very cool & exciting!!
Good Interview, Good pictures, Good Video- I have a copy of that Mo bueno DVD… you know I gotta show you some support!!
Hopefully we get to see more of you representing the I.E.

sup kyle! keep pushin for everyone out here son!

feelin the back tail photo behind old navy….those secret local spots hahaha

keep pushin!

-swi famm

hay whats up bro sick part hope to see youat the park soon and rip it on the mini at the were house