KR3W/Active Shop Contest!


All Photos/Words: The Wonderful Shad Lambert

Your local skate shop is the best right? And everyone that skates for those other shops is wack right? Yeah, well sometimes you have to prove it. While it would be cool to do it like the movie Thrashin' and meet at the local ditch with jousts and armor, Kr3w just finished remodeling the park and decided to throw the Kr3w Kash Battle. (*Eddie Reategui, ripper who played a Dagger from the movie Thrashin' actually built the Kr3w park.) So basically all the Active shops sent their best employees to fight for the title of best Active shop. Not only would these guys get bragging rights and a trophy, they'd be getting some Kr3w Kash and a bag full of goodies.


The turnout was amazing considering the GVR contest was going on down the street. Of course all the free burgers and dogs on the grill and buckets of ice-cold beverages helped draw all the people in. Jim Greco and The Muska even showed up to show their support. Muska was even getting crazy with his new camera, snapping photos all day:check for Chad's coverage of the event.
Highlights included rippers Anthony Carnie's transfers from the Mini quarter over the bank to the big quarter-pipe, and “Mini Chase” skated non-stop and had a couple near death collisions that were fun to watch. But towards the end of the day Owen from the Valencia Active crushed the course by ollieng over the fun box to nose-blunt down the rail, and pretty much just steady killin' it. Thanks to everyone that made it out, and be on the look out for some more Kr3w Kash Battles.


1st place team
VALENCIA ACTIVE:Owen, Scott Maki, Sean Harris.

2nd place team
TEMECULA ACTIVE:Andrew, Brian hoard, Mini Chase

Tie for 3rd place
CHINO ACTIVE:Anthony Carnie

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