KR3W & Supra Signings Wrap Up


Saturday, December 9th- Supra and KR3W rolled out to Temecula in their big RV to join us for a signing that commenced at 11am. They arrived, and upon arrival were mobbed for a minute before we started the official signing. The team signed away for hours, only to repeat it again in San Dimas at 5pm. Tons of KR3W and Supra fans came out to show these guys some love and to snap some photos with them as well as to get stuff signed. Temecula and San Dimas were both really great patient crowds that didn't mind waiting in line and they were all good sports! Braydon also came and hung out all day with the skate fans and the good times were rolling…

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen and to the team guys for hanging out all day long!

Check out Shad Lambert's photos! CLICK HERE