Koston Dunk & BA Blazer In Stock!

The new Nike SB Koston Dunk and the BA Blazer CS are in stock now! There’s so much hype around these two shoes that Nike SB created a website for their release.  On the website you can check out some interviews with Erik Koston and Brian Anderson about the technical advances with the shoes, and the inspiration behind the designs. Included in Nike’s new collection is some tees designed by Lance Mountain that features some drawings of Koston, BA, and Lance himself. We just got the collection in today, and you’ll definitely want to pick them up before we sell out. Check out the collection below. What do you think about them?




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I’m just wondering, the blazer mid’s sole is supposed to be in gum(brown) color right? Why is it in black at your site?

It looks like the just got scissors and made BA’s shoe.. well from the real photos they do.