Kings of Harvard

City of Irvine & Active Ride Shop presents Kings of Harvard contest in Irvine at the Harvard skate park March 6th 5-9pm. $10 entry and amazing prizes! Sign up at the Irvine store or call Alvia 949-724-7614 for more info.


Had a blast watching all the kids skate…I am the proud mother of Cristian Magdaleno who took 2nd place in 13-14 age group. This is Cristian’s second year competing at Kings of Harvard. Last year he won 1st place for his age group. There was definately more kids competing this year! We too are eager to view or purchase any pic’s or videos.

Congrad’s to Ian, Yoshi and Paul!

(proud mom)

That was a fun event last night. Thank you and Active Irvine for hosting it. My son Ian won the 10-12 age group category and I was wondering if there will be any photos/video of the competition available to view or purchase?
(the proud dad)