Kettering Plaza – Ohio, Go Skateboarding Day!

Go Skate Ohio

Come celebrate Go Skateboarding Day with Active, Alien Workshop and DC shoes at the DC Skate Plaza in Kettering, Ohio 2-6pm.

There will be free hot dogs, drinks a $2,500 best trick contest brought to you by DC and pro appearances by Steve Berra, Rob Dyrdek, Mikey Taylor, Devine Calloway and more! If you get lucky maybe you will even make it into an episode of Rob and Big!

Make sure if you're in the area you make it over to the event and say hello!

SHUT UP DUDE. i live an hour and a half from kettering and id do ne thing to live in cali. your lucky as could be. do u understand how hard it is to get noticed in ohio? its hard as ****!! id do ne thing for all those sweet street spots in cali.

I’ll be there, I’m pumped as hell, I’m there every year.
I live in Greenville, so it’ll be about an hour and a half, but I’ll make it.

i wonder if u have to be pro to compete in the $2,500 skate comp. i want to enter. if anyone knows then reply and leave a comment on this sight.

ya im goin 4 go skate day with jesse and some dogs, and yeah, itll be sweet, im gettin ever pros agragh there! YA BABY!!

ya i live like 30 min away and i am goin it is goin to be sick and sry for all the people that cant go (not tryin to be a jeck) but it is goin to be sick i love that park so much