Keren Richter Vans Wellesley Shoe

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Vans shoes are always coming out in new colors, designs, silhouettes, etc.  So what better way to spice it up than to have an artist’s work printed on the shoe?  That’s just what they’ve done and using artwork by Keren Richter.  Click to read more and see all the photos!Keren Richter is a New York city based artist who specializes in illustration and painting.  Her style is so unique and encompasses a stylish yet chaotic world.  Her designs are somewhat whimsical and undoworldy dreamscapes.  These designs are inspired by 60’s iconography, textile design and troublemakers.  As Keren grew up in San Francisco she found herself skateboarding and going to punk shows, only to end up at NYC’s Parsons School of Design.  There she studied and learned and continued on the Columbia University to finish her degree in Art History.  Keren’s work was featured on tote bags and t-shirts for an L.A. based fashion line- Blood is the New Black.  Her artwork has also been seen in music videos and motion graphics on MTV, in publications such as Nylon and Jane, as well as in gallery exhibitions worldwide.  Here at Active, her artwork is featured on the Vans Wellesley shoe, the Vans Wellesley Keren Richter Collaboration, with a whimsical, dreamlike design in bright, bold colors.  Click here to view and purchase this special edition shoe!  Support Keren Richter art and to learn more about her and see her other artwork visit:

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