KAYO Video Premiere’s-‘Check Um’


We had a two-day KAYO Video Premiere fest on March 24th and 25th and they both went amazingly well. The first night was at Rancho the kids were out and all about KAYO. There were people freestyle rapping for product and everything you'd hope to see at something KAYO is a part of! We had a huge signing there and the night was over only to re-live it again the next night in Burbank.


Burbank was seriously feelin' the KAYO Video and Team. Stevie even came out to the premiere so you know it was top notch. The premiere was shown on the downstairs screen and upstairs on the 5 small screens. No one seemed to mind that they got to be warm inside the store and enjoy some complimentary Red Bulls, Chipotle, and got to grab some free posters and give-a-ways from the KAYO crew.

All and all a success any way you look at it.

Thanks to Troy Morgan, all of the KAYO Riders who came out to both nights of Active fun, Corey Cadey, Red Bull, Chipotle & to everyone who made these events possible.