K-Walk’s Vans Propeller World Tour Experience

Vans Propeller, most likely you’ve seen this video by now. If not, you’re blowing it and you gotta watch it now. Last week we met up & talked with Dan-Lu about his whole Vans world tour experience, but we can’t forget about Kyle Walker! So we hit up our boy K-Walks through text since he’s outta town & he sent us some photos from his trip.

Griffin Collins, Kyle Walker, Daniel Lutheran, Steve Van Doren, Chris Pfanner, & Anthony Van Engelen.

City Experience:
L.A. of course, but Shanghai went up as well!

Shanghai premier

Team Experience:
I think we were all too happy to let anything bring us down, amazing squad throughout the whole trip too.


Fans Experience:
Mexico City was wild as hell, mucho respectó


Sleep Experience:
Slim to none, try and sleep on the plane depending on the time zone you were in

Food Experience:
Din tai fung in Shanghai, and Mexico City

Airline Experience:
They hooked us the fuck up, business class every flight. Thanks again vans! Best flying experience I’ve ever had or might ever have haha


Itinerary  Experience:
Luckily everybody made every flight, no stragglers this time

Stay Sane Experience:
Practically drink your way through the trip and get as much sleep as possible

Dan-Lu & Chima Ferguson

Hell yeah, thanks Kyle!

BONUS: Check out this second angle clip that the homie Clint Walker filmed of Kyle from his part in Propeller.

@theclintorous with that second angle. OKC BABY

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