Josh Sherman does Italy….


Josh gives us a few details of how things went down on his whirlwind trip to Italy.

“I took 6th place putting me in the top 95 of TTR ranking at the 4 Star TTR River Jump Slopestyle by Burton in Livigno Italy.. We had qualifiers, and then the next day was finals and I messed up my back 10 and would’ve done better if I had just put my run togethor of cab 9 to back 10…but my 6th place run was a pair of cab and back 9’s. Yale Cousino ended up winning with cab and back 9…and what would my story be with out my travels. I did the contest and stayed out with my new italian luv till 6am…and then went straight to milan for my flight and had an overnight in paris, an overnight in los angles and after 36 hours I finally made it home!! europe contests are done this winter!”


“The contest went pretty good, I just couldn’t put togethor my back 10 at the end but I’m stoked on 6th and lookin forward to the grand prix. Plus the italian girls are just as nice as the food”

Welcome back Josh, we wish you the best of luck at the Grand Prix, and the Open.