Johnny Layton Picks a Winner

Johnny Layton

Tuesday, Johnny Layton came in to check out all of your entries for the design a deck contest. He checked out ALL of the entries and picked two of them that he really liked. So….without further adieu, the two winners are…..


Lacy Marvin of Henderson, NV age 15 for her spiral graphic,


J. Amos Oaks of Knoxville, Tennessee for painting his rendition of the next Johnny Layton deck on a blank deck. (He also gripped the board and shrink wrapped it)


Congratulations to the winners, you will receive your packages from Toy Machine and Active soon! Also, keep your fingers crossed and hope that Toy Machine makes the decks!

this so so much ****** crap what the hell i designed a kick ass bord and this **** won. this **** like this makes sk8ing gay. caus they are on decks mean ****

omg the 2nd one is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! its so crazy. Congrats, you def deserve to win whatever the prize was.

i won!

i would have sent the board in, but i finished it a bit too late and didn’t have the time to ship it.
is there any way i can get a hold of someone to maybe still sent it in?
thanks for your time!

can’t we at least see the other entries, it looks like all he did was visit the site and chose from those. That wasn’t any fun. I am at least glad the painted one won, it deserved it. As far as the other one goes, it doesn’t even have his name on it anywhere, how can it be a pro Johnny Layton deck without having some type of indication that it’s his model? the design wasn’t bad though.

Notice how both of the designs are actually on decks already, he went with what he saw, without imagination of what the final product would look like.

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