Jerry Hsu on Emerica

Jerry Hsu is Emerica Shoes newest team member. Check out this promo video below. For more information, check out Emerica’s official post Guess Hsu?

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emerica is kool and so is jerry… lakai sux, good choice little man! emerica has the best skate team ever!!!!

thats so ****** sick!!! cant w8 to see the pro model of his shoe!!!!! hope they are good!

emerica has way better shoes than lakai lakai suks but mj an mcarrol or however you spell it yea there pretty cool he should make a proshoe on emerica

You are so ******* gay you **** sucking ***** I should kick your ******* ass for going to Emerica you don’t deserve to skate for Emerica because you suck big, hairy, donkey balls *****.

Just Joking your alsome you made a great choice going to Emerica and not Lakai.

I would have never put the two together, Jerry Hsu doesnt seem like the type to be on Emerica lol. He’s too good for that he should have his on team.

He would seem more fit on Lakai. But, who knows? He’s good and will be a great addition to the team.