Jason Dill… where you at?

So I finally got around to watching Mind Field over the weekend(I know, I lagged!), and have to say that I was pretty bummed on Jason Dill’s part. I know that seems insane, but after his parts in Trilogy, Photosynthesis & Feedback, I’ve come to expect a lot from a Jason Dill video part. To me, his part in Mind Field felt rushed, had way too many feeble grinds and didn’t hold up to his previous Workshop(Photosynthesis) video part(seen here). Get your head straight Dill, don’t let me down again.

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you should be happy jason dill puts out a part for your eyes to watch.
i’m happy just to see him skate.
amazing style.

and my favorite part of his ever.

I agree with Gary.. I’ve been a dill fan ever since watching photosynthesis as a young kid, and that part is a classic. but like others have been saying, skating has changed, and so have styles. Dill’s always done **** that most people have thought of unorthodox (remember in photo. when he did that line and then walked down those stairs and then ollied the second set?) and at the time received a lot of criticism for (dvs skate more when he was wearing the tights…) but who really gives a ****? the dude delivers some serious style that’s always refreshing to see where every other part is just hammer after hammer. it’s more fun to watch people like dill or the gonz skating then it is to watch p-rod or malto, in my opinion.

Yeah, it really sucks when a guy like Dill is skating for himself and not for you video nerds to pick apart on the internet. Guess what? It’s o.k. to do what you want. Just because the magazines told you to back lip a rail or front feeble a flat bar doesn’t mean you have to. Dill is basically what skateboarding is about. Doing what you want with no rules or set standards to abide by. You nerds need to get deprogrammed.

straight up…

dills part sucked.

the dude that wrote this…will **** you up at anything that has to do with skating.

The funniest part is that the author of this article has been skating longer than some of you kids have been alive. Why get so bent out of shape over someone’s opinion of a video part? Talk about narrow-minded…

It’s a different kind of skating. Are you seriously upset? From Photo to MF, the dude completely switched up his style and tricks…to me (and anyone whose been skating more than 10 minutes) that’s pretty impressive.

Hey you up there… the “idiot” that wrote this article is far from an idiot at all. He is probably about the same age as Dill, been into skating since he was a kid & rips. He never said anything about not doing bigger stairs or rails. Sounds like he just expected more from him after being a fan of all his previous parts. But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For me I agree, Dill’s part was chill & fun to watch, but I am not a huge Dill fan & don’t expect much.

jason dill has been around skateboarding for longer than the kids that go on this websites ages. hes not the type of skateboarder to outdue himself with bigger stairs or rails, he probably doesnt even look at skateboarding like that at all. he was doing what he was doing at the time and it came out sick because its him. dont compare just appreciate you idiot whoever wrote this article.

It was good, but not as good as Photosynthesis. I guess you could say that Dill has earned the right to relax and do hip-to-ledge-to-five-o’s all day.

Im pretty sure jason dill is just doing his own thing. We all know how good his previous parts have been so why concentrate now on somthing like that… hes probably just having fun with skateboarding anyway. its not aboutt parts its about funn…. i agree with kyle on that one sorry hulahula dood.