Japanama Tour 2004

Just the other day, a friend came over I was sharing an old photo album from a trip to Japan. I thought I’d share it on this website also.

It was in September of 2004 with, at the time, the new Flux binding pro team of Corey Smith, Stephen Duke, & myself, along with Rome photographer Mike Paddock and Flux’s team manager. It was a week long promotional tour to all the region’s snowboard shops, and then to a Neoproto movie premier. All during the time we were partying like we thought we were rock stars (we weren’t). Here are a few of the showable photos. I’ll show some more in the future.

Amazing fashion, probably next year’s trend in snowboarding.

It’s called “spell check”, you may want to look into it.

Vending machine on the street. The street is called Heaven.

Nice club.

Sold at a mature adult store.

Butt shower.

These guys were having fun.

Corey has hope.

Thx Taylor!!!!!! This is EXACTLY how I feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew that more ppl than me have felt the same way!!! That encourages me to keep trying to get to know that special someone in my life!