Jamie Thomas Has Left The Building!

Jamie Thomas

It was just another day at Active today and Jamie Thomas stopped by for a meeting and I made sure to get paparazzo on him and snap a photo of the Cheiftain in all his glory. If you get a chance, check out all of Jamie's gear from Zero, Fallen, and Thunder. While Jamie was here I did a bit of research online and interestingly, Jamie was named as a Regional Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 this past year. Nice! Jamie is the man. That just goes to show that hard work takes you places. CLICK HERE to read the article on Jamie.

Photo: Erica Yary

I think you guys are a bunch of willywackers, and tumblebunnys that have had to much caffeine drinking time on their hands. Also, Jamie Thomas, you are cool guy. Another comment, The mental pshycology we go through just gives us the answer of our ultimate demise.

Your Truly, Hugo Aguirre

he is my hero when i think about skateboarding (most of my time) he and the zero-fallen-toy m. is in mi mind
hip hop kiss my ass

That cool. Its good to see someone come out to California with a little bit of nothing and now owns three companys

I’ve always been impressed by Jamie. He’s always had this little knack to succeed. It kinda pisses me off, though.
Where’s my shoes company??