Introducing Heel Bruise


Heel Bruise is a fairly new company lead by skateboarder Richard Mulder and artist Thomas Yu. Their clean designs are driven by intelligent graphics combined with classic skateboarding roots & overtones. You’ll often see them collaborating with such personalities as Lance Mountain, Poets, even Eric Dressen! Currently their line consists of t-shirts, hats & stickers (now available here at Active) but they will soon be doing sweatshirts, socks, jackets and more, so be on the look out…  Heel Bruise is Breaking Through!


Recently, Heel Bruise invited us down to their headquarters for some tasty bacon wrapped street dogs (Vic hooked it up!) and gave us a little Heel Bruise 101. Check out our Heel Bruise Industry Profile:

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A few of the Heel Bruise tees that are in stock now… so sick!!





Want to win some free Heel Bruise gear and a hand signed Thomas Yu Elephant print? Check out our Heel Bruise “Griptape Art” contest here.


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