Introducing Benny Gold


Benny Gold is the newest brand to be carried at Active Ride Shop. If you haven’t heard about them thus far, we’ll let you know what’s up.  So take a guess…who would work to climb the corporate ladder for numerous years, then decided that he needed to reclaim his creative freedom by creating one of the best new brands out?…….. BENNY of course! Inspired by the mantra, “Stay Gold“, Benny started out with an idea and a sticker that eventually became Benny Gold. With the backing of  SF heads including Ryen and Mike from Atlas Skateboarding, Daren from Deluxe (Real Skateboards, Spitfire and Thunder Trucks) and Matt from HUF (all in the picture above) you know this brand is going places. Check out some of their products below, and scope out all their items online. For more info on Benny Gold check out this hypebeast article here.



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Benny is a good dude. Works hard on this line. You will find him at his shop til late in the night designing. A real perfectionist when it comes to his work. Support this guy for sure.

Congrats Benny on the new account, I am bout to go up to SF this tuesday and purchase that PEZ X BENNY tEE, That **** is so hard!! PEZ GETS UP STICKERS WIDE IN THE BAY PEOPLE!!

@kenny powers I guess everyone in San Diego and San Francisco is a drug dealer. You must live in some lame ass city full of trust fund kids that have money to blow on ridiculous hype gear that can’t skate or something.

“street” wear is weak. if anyone has forgotten, blank t shirts are awesome to skate in cause you can f_ck them up and you’re straight. no $32.99 price tag to worry about.

Daren is a cool dude. But come on now…. Benny gold is weak!!! Stop carrying this lame ass “brand”