Insight: Jamie Thomas Overkill Collection

If you’re familiar with Insight, then you know they only make good quality high-end clothing. And if you’re familiar with Jamie Thomas, then you know he’s one of skateboarding’s all-time legends. Here’s a sneak peek at the new Insight collection by Jamie Thomas called Overkill. This collection will be available for your purchasing pleasure in August 2010.


insight-tarantual-s_s-tee-wht insight-road-warrior-s_s-tee-wht

insight-overkill-l_s-psyche-green inisightoverkillhoodedsom1

insightnashvilleind1 insightnashvilleblk1

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Jamy Tomas is so ill(not sick like wit da flu)He is my hero. Eye watch him skeight bored error day. Eye mused to live next to him in Closet Mesa. Eye had a blog. And Jamy was featured in it several times. So yeah keep on shreddin’ youngsters and do give it. Don’t do drugs/drop out of grade skool.