Industry Day at Mt. High

Mikey Lost It

Today was Industry Day at Mt. High. Snowboarder hooked it up and got everyone up to the hill. It was super fun. I hadn’t ridden at Mt. High in like 3 years so it was a nice change of scenery. Especially since the very first people Big Mountain Mike (my twin brother) and I ran into were my fellow Active friends Kenny Ray, Mikey Spadier (seen here giving the double thumbs up), Brent Futogaki, and Johnny AZ.


Kenny was over it when I got there. And to top it off he lost the Asbury goggles I had given him.

Bigs bs 180

Here is my brother Big Mountain Mike. I think Kenny gave him that nickname like 6 years ago in Switzerland. Mike’s committal to jumping off of big natural features was a little more developed than ours at the time.

Tom Box

I just recently met Tom Monterosso and we’ve quickly become friends. He likes to shred and I like when people like to shred. He also writes for snowboarder ladies.. hint hint.


Big Mountain, Darek Greer, and Dan Wiegle from Elm.


Magazines everywhere today! The photo issue is actually super good. In times when I don’t really like snowboard magazines, this issue was super good.


Young JD F with a proper nosepress. I won’t try to spell his last name, because I’ll probably get it as wrong as I did Elm Dan’s.