I <3 Skateboarding Event Photos

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“LA baby!!” That’s what I always shout when I drive past downtown, regardless of who’s in the car at the time. I’ve been doing this for the past 15-20 years.  Growing up on the outer east end of LA, the prospect of skating some gnarly stuff upon seeing the big buildings, always provokes this reaction in me. I mean LA is skateboarding, has been since the beginning and it’s been filled with amazing spots!

In my opinion, LA is once again the center of progression and style within skateboarding. I Heart Skateboarding contest proved my point this past Valentine’s Day. Our homies Ray and Ira from Street Pirate Films put on the production and issued the invites. The good folks from LA County helped with setting the stage at the Garvanza Skate Park. Thanks Phillip and Bertha!!

I’m proud to say that all of the riders in the top three represent Active on the daily! WINNERS OF THE SKATE COMP WERE TONY KARR 1ST PLACE (ELEMENT FLOW RIDER, ACTIVE BURBANK RIDER), NORMAN 2ND PLACE (WESTWOOD RIDER), and KYLE ADAMS 3RD PLACE (BURBANK RIDER). Good job to all the homies!

P.S. Lizard, I have your glasses!!

Thanks to Ray and Luke for the photos!