HUF Demo Photos

The HUF demo at the Active Park was one for the books to start off 2015. HUF brought the squad out along with the hammers. Austyn Gillette, Sammy Winter, Keith Hufnagel, Peter Ramondetta, Dan Plunkett, Kevin Terpening, Josh Matthews, & Brad Cromer were all out here, Dylan Rieder was out sick last minute, & Joey Pepper was outta town. The HUF flow rippers Matt Gottwig, Lui Elliott, & Austin Calvello cruised on as well.  It’s not everyday that we get to watch these dudes shred in person! (also click to watch the video recap!)

Open skate before the demo started, gotta sign them waivers first!
Eric & Mackey twinning the HUF x active 25 year shoe
Eric met Lui Elliott before, Lui reminded him in this photo.
Ali, Jasmin, & JD handling the grill
Lui & Gottwig’s bday cake
Front blunt
foot planter
2nd try kickflip
HUF stuff
Keith & Keenan Hufnagel in the warehouse
Keith Hufnagel, Peter Ramondetta, Josh Matthews, Brad Cromer, Dan Plunkett, Sammy Winter, & Kevin Terpening
back feeble, lui elliott
Plunkett, hard flip
Matt Gottwig
frontside flip, Brad Cromer
Brad Cromer
Josh Matthews back tail on the rainbow desk
back smith up from the ramp
Kevin Terpening
wall ride with Kevin Terpening
Matt Gottwig backside kick flip
Plunkett rolling by
Terpening no comply
Peter Ramondetta chillin’ with the fans
Josh Matthews ollie from the bump to flat
gott ourselves a birthday at the park!
happy birthday Matt Gottwig!
Peter Ramondetta shuttin the demo down.
product toss time
the catch
no more stuff
what’s up! what’s down
Someone’s grandma was stoked on these dudes
Mackey got in on this signing
Razy & Greg!


Stay tuned for the footage!